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Pattern Making, Sampling & Tech Packs

Bring your idea to life!

We can develop clothing or any other textile item patterns based on your pictures, descriptions or draft drawings. We also provide consulting for suitable fabrics, sizing, etc.

Made in BC Canada. Our sewing/cutting room is located in Kelowna, BC.

We offer the following services:

  • Draft drawing based on your description and specs
  • Virtual mock-ups showing different color and material options
  • Tech pack creation
  • Sample creation
  • Pattern making and Pattern grading
  • Fabric sourcing


Pattern & Sample Making

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is a document showing all the features and finishing details of your product. It helps to communicate every little detail about what you are making, to your manufacturer. Usually, a tech pack contains construction notes, dimensions, sizes and placement of components, and in some cases also product colors and materials. Flat drawings show a front and back or inside view and close-ups of any design details such as pockets, seams, bartacks, stitching details, decoration & label locations, etc. It may also have a table with all product dimensions if the product is made in a range of sizes.

Is Tech Pack the same as Sewing/garment Pattern?

No, it is not. A garment pattern gives the size and fits of the garment and you can use the pattern for cutting fabric. Tech pack only defines the finishing details and features (how those fabric cuts are put together), but not the style/fit of the clothing piece. You need both to ensure consistent manufacturing results.


Cost depends on the complexity of the item. Tech pack cost starts at $80 CAD and can range up to few hunderd dollars for very complex items with lots of details and different sizes. Contact us for a quote



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