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Quality Products from a Trusted Partner in the Promotional Products & Packaging Industry

Luscan Group started on year 2000 as a small promotional products company in Vancouver, BC and has now grown into one of the leading web based promotional companies in Canada. Luscan Group started it's first website on 2003, featuring only a few hundred products in our online catalogue. Just a couple years later when online buying gained popularity we had expanded our online catalogue to over 10,000 products.

Since year 2008 We no longer operate a showroom or a walk-in office.

In 2014 Luscan Group opened another division for packaging products. Utilizing our know-how of custom manufacturing, we now offer custom wine bottles, liquor bottles, glass bottles, glass & plastic jars, cosmetic tins, corks, capsules, packaging bags & pouches, etc. We help you from design to manufacturing & delivery.

Over the years of rapid growth, Luscan Group has remained a proud family owned and operated Canadian Business.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Therefore we always thrive to give the best service and suggest the best quality products to our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.

Mission Statement

  • To respect all living beings
  • To value freedom
  • To live with integrity
  • To improve the economic well-being and quality of life of others
  • To deliver satisfaction through our products and services

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