Luscan Group


We can tailor a solution according to your needs
building and managing it for you or integrate it with an existing program

Custom Branded Merchandise
Maintain Brand Consistency
Product Storage & Order Fulfillment
Host your own store or we can host it for you


Online Stores Step 1

Step 1

We set it up

You choose the products you want on your store. We print them.

Online Stores Step 2

Step 2

The Customer orders

Your customers or employess will place the order online.

Online Stores Step 3

Step 3

The Order ships

Order quantity is deducted from the stock and you will receive a notification when the stock is low.

Common Online Store options:

Option 1: We stock the products and ship the orders for you
Option 2: You stock the products and ship/distribute when they are ordered
Option 3: Products are printed on demand and drop-shipped to your customer
Option 4: We print and stock the products in bulk, after which they can be further personalized with a name or another logo (for co-op programs)





Lots of companies have merch stores, and we can set one up for you too. Some host it as a permanent store (always open, and taking orders). But you might want to consider a "pre-order" store. Which means you advertise certain items/design available to pre-order with a cut off date (we will provide virtual mock-ups), and after the cut-off date we add up all the items, print them and ship them to you. An option like that minimizes stock guessing.

We can also fully manage the store, which means we can pack & ship the items for you. That results in free time and no headaches for you.

We also do co-op programs for some organizations. Which means you put your logo in 1 location, and the member companies can add their logo as well (e.g. your logo on the left chest, theirs on the rigth chest or on the back). Teaming up with your partners creates a strong bond.