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What is cut & sew?

The term cut and sew indicates a garment or other textile product that has been custom made from raw fabric rather than an pre-made stock style that has been altered or imprinted with different styles.

Stock styles don't always cut it! You may want to create a unique piece just for your brand, or start a small clothing line. Custom cut & sew allows you to be more creative with imprint locations, pocket configurations, sizing, style, colors, and other details. We can help you from developing the styles, pattern making, choosing fabrics, sampling and final production.

Luscan Group offers a full range of sewing capabilities and can manufacture custom cut & sew apparel and headwear in reasonably low minimums at a reasonable price, in house. Either you're looking for Made in Canada or made overseas we can handle your request. All items can be private labeled for maximum branding or retail presentation. As your manufacturing partner we can also assist you with your design and provide you with a tech pack to better communicate and understand every little detail about what you are making.

With the access to a vast selection of different materials and tools: fabric, webbing, hardware, velcro, zippers, etc... Our team of reliable experts is eager to work with you throughout the whole process.

What Do We Make?

Custom Apparel
Custom Bags
Custom Headwear
Company Stores

Made in Canada and imported options available.

Private labeling

Custom Fabric Sourcing

Custom Fabric Dyeing and Printing



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