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At Luscan Group, we offer two methods of imprinting full color images on textiles: digital imprinting and spot color process.

DTG Full color Garment Printing

Digital imprinting is the process of actually printing the image onto the apparel. With little set-up required, this method includes no setup charges and can be more affordable for low-quantity projects. Appearance is high quality and very similar to spot color process imprints. However, digital imprinting on garments is not as long lasting.

Spot Color Proccess

The spot color process at Luscan Group is basically screen printing. The full color image is usually separated in ten to fourteen PMS colors that are applied individually. With greater setup required for image imprinting, the spot color process does incur artwork & setup charges. These charges become more affordable in higher quantities.


spot color
Digital Imprint Spot-Color Imprint


Both processes are valuable and each method has different benefits that may suit your promotional item needs and project budget. Our professional art consultants can help you make the right decision to meet your individual requirements.

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